FAQ's (9)

What is the estimated cooking time for a spit roast?

A whole hog roast takes approximately 6 – 7 hours (including diamond scoring and initial preparation) . A whole lamb cooks to perfection in 3 – 4 hours and 40 3lb chickens will roast nicely in 2 and half hours.

Do you have any provisions for wet weather?

Yes of course, after all, our weather in the United Kingdom is unpredictable. The Hog and Rooster provide their own 3m x 3m event shelter to protect themselves against inclement weather.

Do you need access to electrical power?

YES. If the hog is spit roasted there is need of an electrical power point to power the mechanical rotisserie. If there is no power point Hog and Rooster can supply a generator.

When would you need the final numbers and menu choice by?

Can you supply us with the final details no less than 7 days prior to your function please.

Do you prepare and cook the roast on site?

Yes. This is a due to health and safety and the health risks involved regarding raw meats.

How much space do we need to set up?

Hog and Roosters event shelter is 3m x 3m and can accommodate the hog roast machine, serving tables, the Chef and 3 assistants.

Can we do a spit roast indoors?

We do prefer an outdoor space for roasting, but we have on quite a few occasions roasted the hog inside. Due to the Elite hog roasting machine being gas operated there is no smoke or mess. In theory the Elite hog roasting machine works like an oven.

What about leftovers?

No leftovers. What’s on the roast is yours and can be carved off and left for you by our chef, if you so wish.

How does payment work?

Hog and Rooster require a 50% deposit to confirm the booking. We will then contact you at least 7 days prior to your function to discuss final numbers and precise timings and at this point the final payment then becomes due.