Services Provided

When you book your hog roast hire Lincolnshire for your functions you will be served by the Hog and rooster team. This will consist of a Chef (hand carving of all roasted meats) and depending on the size of the venue 3 to 4 smartly dressed uniformed assistants to serve you with a smile and pleasant manner.

Hog Roast Hire Lincolnshire

Elite Hog Roasting Machines

The hog roasting machines we use are from the Elite hog roasting machine brand. They are built and made from the highest specifications. Highly durable with interchangeable platforms and ancillaries they will take centre stage at your function adding a theatrical and professional ambiance to your special day.

The Elite hog roasting machine can roast a 90 kilogram pig in 8 – 9 hours BBQ and Bake 70 bake potatoes in an hour. All this can be conducted at the same time, showing the adaptability and convenience of utilizing this piece of machinery.

 Hog Roast Utility Vehicle & Event Shelter

We can supply a bespoke hog roast utility Vehicle (for transportation of hog roast machines) and an event shelter (Designed and manufactured by the same company who supply Formula One). All made to the highest specifications. Both are one of a kind and will have your guests and family talking about your event long after it has come to a close.